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Customer Experience: The Reinvention

Improving customer experience online is a best practice. Both sides win, the client and the company that's behind it.
customer experience

In the digital world, a well-structured platform is worth more than a thousand euros or dollars invested in advertising.

This is our focus here: improving the customer experience online. Both sides win, the client and the company that’s behind it. Stick with Digital Affair on this one, trust me.

To understand the importance of an eCommerce website, we have to make the analogy with a physical store and understand the difficulties.

How uncomfortable would it be to go to the mall on purpose to buy a coat on sale, and the people in charge ask you for your customer’s card before entering the store? Or having difficulty finding the box to make the purchase?

These are real difficulties in online stores, so it is necessary to simplify and prepare strategies that work and help customers.

A recent article by Think With Google points out how marketing and advertising are very important, but directing someone to a website without it being well-designed can be a crucial mistake.

In the digital world, a well-structured platform is worth more than a thousand invested in advertising.

Customer Experience: what to look for?

But how can we design the perfect structure? The best is always to simplify, we should look for what makes sense to us and – at the same time – makes navigation easier. It’s not always simple, but the answer is simplicity.

The experience we are looking for must contain:

  • The defined and aligned base structure;
  • Concern for the customer journey and optimizing the entire experience;
  • New ways to innovate by looking for inspiration from other websites.

Focusing on innovation, if we look beyond our industry and geography, it can prove to be of enormous value. We leave here a brief example from China.

Live commerce combines live video streaming with ads that allow viewers to purchase items featured in the video.

No matter the time we have to invest in a project, we should never discard the optimization of our website, it can truly be a difference-maker. Something that will keep customers coming back, rather than abandoning due to navigation difficulties.

Frictionless, fast, personalized, useful, consistent. These are the keywords that should go hand in hand to provide the best possible client experience.

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