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Facebook Ads vs boosted posts: which one for the win?

The duel of the moment: Facebook Ads vs boosted posts. Find the difference between them and which works better for your business.
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Facebook Ads vs boosted posts. For those considering advertising on social media, this is probably one of the major doubts they’re facing right now. Are we correct?

Social media has been conquering ground for businesses and will continue to do so as you read this. So (no surprise there!) marketing and advertising campaigns, mainly on Facebook, have been adjusting and taking a big step into social media.

And here you’ll find two different options, that configure what we might call the duel of the moment: Facebook Ads vs boosted posts.

Social media advertising, namely Facebook marketing (even if other platforms are growing), is the key for any digital marketing strategy.

The other key element (in a closer perspective) is to understand which Facebook marketing strategy works better for a certain business, depending on their goals and budget available.

So, don’t go anywhere, let’s clear things up!

Facebook Ads vs boosted posts: is there a better one?

When it comes to advertising and driving acquisition, Facebook has two different options available. We’re talking about Facebook Ads and boosted posts, as previously mentioned.

For page admins, these opponents raise a fair number of questions. What works best? Which one is more effective? How to use each one of them to drive engagement, generate leads or raise brand awareness?

The quicker and most immediate answer to decide between these two would simply be: it depends on what you’re looking for, as well as what you expect to achieve from your advertising campaigns and, finally, how much time you want (or have available) to spend setting up the posting strategy and managing its performance.

Clear enough?!

Probably not, so the best thing is to fully understand how each one of them works.

Facebook Ads vs boosted posts: the main differences.

Facebook Ads vs boosted posts: what is what?

Before choosing between Facebook Ads or boosted posts, you have to understand each concept and the main differences between them.

The truth is that, for those who are not familiar with the intricate structure of Facebook advertising, the difference between a fully-fledged Facebook ad and a boosted post can be tricky, to say the least.

However, if you want to get the most out of your advertising strategy and your Facebook audience, and – at the same time – making them more effective, understanding these two concepts is crucial, because, even while it might not seem, there’s more than meets the eye separating them.

1. Facebook Ads

These are created using Ads Manager, which offers a more advanced customization solution, thus enabling you to handpick all the relevant characteristics for your ad and adapt it in a specific way, to reach your business goals and the most suitable audiences.

In summary, Facebook Ads, by their nature are a more in-depth option, offering a more intricate detail than a standard post.

Nonetheless, take note, that this is also a more time-consuming process, but also the one that is more likely to generate results.

2. Boosted posts

A boosted post has a precious utility for those who search to quickly increase their reach while spending little money.

In other words, it is simply a post on your Page’s timeline to which you can allocate a budget to promote it (or boost it) within an audience of your choosing according to your business goals.

This boost is given by choosing a few basic targeting parameters (such as: your audience – the type of people who want to reach, geography, demography, ages, etc.; your available budget; and the duration of your ad).

On its turns, boosted posts, while looking similar to Facebook Ads don’t be fooled. They’re not!

This is what you might call, the simplest way to advertise on Facebook (but don’t misinterpret), it has its advantages.

A boosted post allows you to get access to free audience research and engagement data while increasing your page’s visibility (to a lower extent when comparing to Facebook Ads).

Facebook Ads vs boosted posts: the main differences

An article published by SmartBug Media established the main differences between the two concepts.

According to the article, there’s no doubt about the cost-effectiveness of Facebook advertising, and it goes even further and states that – given its highly targetable advertising range – this is something that advertisers should include in their marketing budget.

Concerning how to choose the best option for every business, the article goes on to expose two main differentiators, by saying: “boosting allows you to target your audience on a basic level with such identifiers as behavior, interest, demographic, and geography”, by opposition “Facebook Ads give you the capability to target more precisely (more on that later)”.

It also mentions that “boosting improves a post’s reach overall”. Facebook Ads in its turn “improve a post’s reach to a highly targeted audience”.

So, the obvious conclusion is that they both have positive aspects to profit from.

The million dollar question turns out to be what you intend for your business.

For one, if you’re looking to reach a specific demographic audience or a geographic area while increasing your engagement, opting for a boosted post might be the right choice for you.

On the contrary, if you’re looking for deeper insights (like: better placement options, custom conversation tracking, specific ad goals, creative control, or advanced targeting options, among others), Facebook Ads might be the wisest decision.

Still undecided?! That’s okay, here’s a list of pros and cons for both of them:

Facebook Ads – The Pros:Facebook Ads – The Cons:
Detailed targeting audienceHigh learning curve
Deep analytics and insightsMore expensive
Several creative ad formatsDemands an extensive setup
Conversion tracking and attributionMay require for a dedicated advertising manager
Custom options for lead generations and opt-in forms

Boosted Posts – The Pros:Boosted Posts – The Cons:
Easy to get startedIt doesn’t offers a detailed targeting
Low budget requirementsIt gives your business a lower audience exposure
More visibility within engaged audiences
The best options to get page likes and engagement

Which one for the win?

Sadly (or not!) there’s no final answer. When it comes to enhancing your Facebook advertising strategy, choosing what’s the right fit for your business it all depends on your goals.

But that’s the “magic” of social media, you can just steer the wheel and adapt according to specific needs, in specific times.

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