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Unbundling the cloud with the intelligent edge

How edge computing, AI, and advanced connectivity are enabling enterprises to become more responsive to a fast-moving world.
intelligent edge

It may be a buzzword, but the fact is that we’re in the edge of a Fourth Industrial Revolution. However, it won’t be visible, but intelligent.

The combined forces of computing power, AI technology, data analytics and advanced connectivity with 5G and Wi-fi 6 brings a new era. A new era that changes how we shop, how we communicate and in which many logistical gaps are going to be suppressed.

Critically, the intelligent edge is not a replacement for enterprise and hyperscale cloud data centers but a way to distribute tasks across the network based on timeliness, connectivity, and security.

There are great outcomes when investing on an intelligent edge. According to the authors, the first and obvious one is the more efficient use of bandwidth and greater network visibility. There’s also a support for low-latency use cases, as well as faster response times. Logistical operations in some factories become more and more automated and autonomous.

More than adding effective value to a business, there’s a deeper transformation coming out. In fact, according to a Deloitte survey, 86% of executives predict that advanced wireless would transform their organization within three years.

There are some examples across industries – healthcare, patrolling shorelines – that show the world that technology can be its greatest ally in a world that requires increasingly better, faster and sustained responses to its many challenges. Are you ready to embrace the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

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