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Deep understanding: the importance of customer data

customer data

New strategies and experiences reinforce the advantages of knowing and understanding customer data.

Like always, we aim to bring you the best ways to overcome flaws and reach for goals. This time, to bring you the best information we could, Digital Affair curated an interesting article by Deloitte.

Going straight to what’s missing in the topic of customer data:

“Fragmented support interactions, weeks-too-late retargeting ads, and incoherent experiences across channels and platforms can make customers feel like nothing but a number. There may be truth in that sentiment. Too often, the data companies collect about customers remains literally that: nothing but numbers.”

Deloitte, Customer Data Strategy: From Overload to Insights

That being said, we conclude that no one wants to feel like “one more”. It’s really important to understand it as something that needs to be fixed.

In the last days of August, we reinforced the importance of mobile speed, pointing out all the beneficial features for the user and how companies could benefit from it.

In mid-September, we want to take the same position, this time with a focus on insights (deep and accurate understanding of someone). With this tool in a company’s arsenal, it is possible to gain customer loyalty, make better decisions, improve operational efficiency and deliver value against business goals.

Formulating a customer data strategy seems like the right choice for a start, a plan that makes the phrase “nothing but a number” turn into “you’ve got my number”. It focuses on a deep comprehension of customers based on specific datapoints.

“In recent years, many organizations tried to address data overload by implementing centralized data lakes. Without an underlying data strategy, however, companies too often found themselves wading through something more akin to a data swamp—a morass of uncleaned, disconnected information that provided few valuable insights.”

Deloitte, Customer Data Strategy: From Overload to Insights

According to a survey by Deloitte, customers feel much more secure the more they know about a certain brand, in the sense that they can trust it, and therefore, end up depositing their data.

What customers really want? To be spoiled with the best experiences.

What companies need? To be one step ahead, providing the best experiences… based on their customer data!

This is literally the tip of the iceberg. If you want to get in-depth information about this issue, we recommend reading the full article.

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