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Selena Gonçalves

Video advertising: wave your hellos to the future

The future of video advertising is already here and it's called Connected TV. Here's what you must know and why you should get on board.
video advertising

Does video advertising mean something to you?! If not, it should.

As a digital marketeer, if you are still thinking that TV is dead, let me wake you up: it’s not; and it has made its entrance into the digital world through the big door (again, one could argue, but that’s for another article).

Video advertising: let’s get the party started

During the Covid crisis, as we were all confined to our homes, we saw an exponential increase in streaming time, and in the adoption of streaming services.

The ecosystem flourished with new players but also new business models surfacing, such as new subscription plans that include advertising slots.

As always, new ways of communicating and technological innovations walk hand in hand, and Connected TV (or CTV) was also becoming an increasingly rapidly growing segment of the television market.

With the escalation in demand and the technology allowing it, TV was renewing itself and becoming again synonymous with new opportunities for advertising: the new place to be all over again, offering advertisers a unique opportunity to reach their target audiences in new and innovative ways. This is where video advertising gets its shot to shine.

Advertisers can’t wait anymore to embrace the trend and those who do will be left behind by their competitors.

Data: video advertising new best-friend

With the possibility of buying TV placement digitally through CTV, advertising can now be more efficient on the good old screen.

Targeting specific audiences with precision, using demographic data and other metrics to serve targeted ads to viewers who are more likely to engage with your products or services is now a reality.

The icing on the cake: data!

This is the magic behind video advertising. Bringi

ng TV to the digital world means that you can now measure the real impact of your campaigns, but you can also adjust and optimize your targeting, personalize your message to reach the right audience at the right time and thus, get better results towards your business goals.

With global CTV advertising spending expected to grow 14% while global advertising spending is expected to slow down in 2023 according to IAB, advertisers can’t wait anymore to embrace the trend and those who do will be left behind by their competitors.

Digital Marketing Manager with 10 years of experience, focusing on performance marketing and project management. She started her career in press relations in France before entering the world of digital marketing through content and SEO, quickly moving into the area of performance and project management in Portugal at Adclick. She then went to Google in Dublin, where she specialised in programmatic advertising, before returning to Portugal to manage the performance area at Parfois.
She graduated in Paris and got a Master's degree in Communication Sciences from Porto, and now dedicates to project management at Wise Pirates, contributing with her international experience and comprehensive know-how in various areas.

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