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Cloud Security: IT Leaders, Unite!


As we keep evolving and aiming for the future, we can all agree on one thing: the importance of our (cloud) security!

To help us understand this matter, Digital Affair brings you an article from the Salesforce blog, don’t go anywhere!

We can all agree that the digital is, at this moment, the biggest responsible for everything that surrounds us. With this in mind (even not thinking about it directly), we can also agree that we all want the same: a safe environment.

How can we build Cybersecurity?

An important factor that should not be overlooked is culture. Instead of opting for the strategy, we must design is based on the culture of cybersecurity. An important opinion comes from Ed Amoroso, CEO, and founder of TAG Cyber Security, who claims that we must focus on the micro so that we can leverage and improve the macro in the long term.

By its turn, Casey Ellis, founder, and CTO of BugCrowd says that the most effective way to strengthen our defenses is to have a cybersecurity development program, where there will be rewards for employees. The truth is that a product or service may not yet be optimized in terms of cybersecurity, and still be launched.

“You can kind of gloss over these inconvenient truths. That’s the root cause of a lot of the problems that we actually see.”

Casey Ellis, Cloud Security Is a Global Priority: How Can IT Leaders Protect Our Future?

Malcolm Harkins (chief security and trust officer at Epiphany Systems) agrees with Ellis, pointing out that, given the enormous need to have IT, collaborators, they are not penalized if they present a security flaw in the product they developed.

The same believes that in addition to security builders having to be valued, they have to realize their value in the measure of the quality of the work they present. They are important and must make a difference.

We have to be mindful of the human factor, when cybersecurity goes wrong, the consequences can be tremendous. IT leaders must develop structures that prove worthy in the long run.

In Digital Affair, we want to plant the seed of curiosity about what seems relevant to us, so…

IT leaders unite!

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