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Going international through successful partnerships: the case of MO

Mo, the Portuguese textile brand, teamed up with Google to reach for business growth in all markets, especially international ones.
The Case of Mo

When a partnership works, the benefits can exceed expectations.

Today, we bring you the best example we could, featuring MO.

Partnerships that matter

The Portuguese textile brand teamed up with Google to reach for business growth in all markets, especially international ones.

With 25 years of experience, MO was able to overcome itself during the Covid-19 pandemic. They worked on their website to reach for European markets, a goal that was accomplished in January 2021.

“Google was immediately the chosen partner and identified as strategic. Without this team and its tools, this step would not have been possible”
Diana Pinto, MO

It was possible to reach markets as Spain, France, Italy and the United Kingdom, where Google helped to define and apply a strong digital strategy. Diana Pinto, Head of Marketing & E-commerce at MO, indicates that Google Ads, Analytics, Trends and Market Finder were the main keys to this process.

Tools that work

Google Ads has become essential for expanding the business and reaching international markets. Analytics (Google) helped monitor and analyze sales and website performance, progression and evolution. Google Trends was a great way to find out about other markets, as it made it possible to understand the particularities of each one and the variability of the demand for each product. Finally, Market Finder helped choose which countries to bet on, strategically for the brand.

In addition to Google, MO had the support of the Wise Pirates agency. Beyond strategy and management, they also helped to set the priorities for the entire campaign.

The magic team, Wise Pirates and Google, managed to define the perfect game plan for launching a new product that didn’t yet exist on the market. The product was a mask that would protect ourselves from the pandemic virus.

To face this challenge, MO counted on several other partners during the creation of the mask. In the scientific part, the Institute of Molecular Medicine of Lisbon and, in the strategic part, the previous mentioned: Google and Wise Pirates.

“MO was a pioneer in Portugal and in the world to make the first mask tested against the new Coronavirus”
Diana Pinto, MO

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