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Bruno Oliveira

TikTok Creators: How Are They Shaping Consumers’ Lifestyles?

In the vast realm of digital influence, who truly holds the reins of power? TikTok creators are shaping consumer lifestyles. Find here how!
TikTok creators are shaping consumer’s lifestyles

In the vast realm of digital influence, who truly holds the reins of power?
Is it a TV advertisement, a well-crafted LinkedIn post, or perhaps a recommendation from a trusted friend?

The answer, unequivocally, is the latter, and this is where the magic of TikTok comes into play. Its authenticity and closeness transform content creators into formidable forces of brand recommendation and discovery.

TikTok content creators turned into formidable forces of brand recommendation and discovery.
TikTok holds the power in the vast realm of digital influence.

So, what does it mean to be a TikTok Creator?

TikTok’s creators are individuals or users who create and share content on the TikTok platform. The platform has democratized content creation to a certain extent, allowing individuals from various backgrounds and talents to become creators and share their creativity with a global audience. This has led to the rise of TikTok influencers and content creators, who have had a significant impact on social media and pop culture. TikTok’s creators often develop their unique style and niche within the platform, building a fanbase of followers who enjoy their videos. Some TikTok creators may collaborate with brands and participate in influencer marketing campaigns, earning money or products in exchange for promoting products or services to their followers.

Here are some numbers to prove the power of TikTok creators

Being a TikTok creator is definitely a power that is growing, where statistics project that TikTok will have 955,5 M users:

Number of TikTok users worldwide from 2020 to 2025 (in millions)
Source: eMarketer, Statista 2023

One only needs to glance at the engagement metrics to grasp TikTok’s dominance. Its engagement rate is approximately 5 times higher than that of Instagram. This isn’t just a mere social media interaction; it’s a thriving community engagement. According to Social Insider, TikTok boasts an average engagement rate of 9.96% for accounts with 10K-100K followers, outperforming Instagram’s average of 1.22% for similar account sizes.

The potential of engagement with TikTok creators

But what drives this unparalleled engagement? The answer lies in the concept of parasocial relationships. TikTok fosters an environment where users feel an intimate and close connection with influencers or content creators. Recommendations on TikTok aren’t viewed as transactional endorsements; they’re seen as genuine suggestions from someone familiar, their best friends.
This psychological richness, combined with TikTok’s algorithm that curates content tailored to individual preferences, amplifies the platform’s influence.

Recommendations on TikTok are seen as genuine suggestions from someone familiar.
Recommendations on TikTok aren’t viewed as transactional endorsements.

So, which brands stand to gain the most from this phenomenon? Those that allow content creators to communicate in their native language. A key element in establishing a parasocial relationship is the influencer’s ability to address their audience directly and personally. Brands that recognize and harness this dynamic are poised for unparalleled success on the platform.

According to a survey conducted by Adweek-Morning Consult, 49% of TikTok users have purchased a product or service from a brand after seeing it advertised, promoted, or reviewed on the platform. This indicates that TikTok has a significant influence on consumer purchasing decisions, and some TikTok reports.


In the ever-evolving digital landscape, TikTok creators emerge not just as influencers, but as bridges connecting consumers and brands. Their authenticity, combined with the platform’s algorithm, creates a potent mix that influences consumer lifestyles.
Brands that understand this dynamic and collaborate genuinely with these creators are set to reap significant rewards.

So, the next time a 30-second TikTok video influences your purchase decision, you’ll understand the profound psychology and strategy at play.

As Head of the Digital Hub at Sumol+Compal and a lecturer at WIT Academy, LSD and IADE, Bruno has a unique combination of digital experience and results-focused team management, creating a strong digital strategy component and the expertise to navigate the ever-evolving digital environment.
His passion for teaching and sharing knowledge is as strong as his passion for the digital world. As a teacher at Lisbon Digital School, WIT and IADE, he has the opportunity to share knowledge and experience with the next generation of digital professionals.

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