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Marketing Technology Stack: Instruction Manual

Explore the essential marketing technology stack that empowers companies to connect, engage, and analyze data for effective campaigns and maximum customer impact. Discover more here!
instruction manual of a marketing technology stack

Nowadays, marketing is driven by technology. Companies need a wide variety of tools to connect with potential customers, manage marketing campaigns, and collect and analyze data. This is where the marketing technology stack comes into play. Discover how this can be possible.

What is it and why is it so important?

A marketing technology stack is a grouping of technologies that marketers leverage to conduct and improve their marketing activities.

This is extremely important because it allows companies to have a complete and integrated view of their marketing strategies.
With increasing competition and growing customer customization, companies need several channels to measure their success. In addition, integration between tools in the marketing technology stack allows companies to make informed decisions based on accurate and reliable data.

How to build a marketing technology stack

There is no magical way of building a marketing technology stack. Every company’s needs are different so every martech stack will be.

steps to build a marketing technology stack
How to build a marketing technology stack

Despite this, there are some steps you should take to choose the right tools for your business:

1. Identify your strategies and goals

Before choosing any tool, it’s essential to know what you want to achieve. From strategies to goals, outline what you want to achieve to make the right tool choice.

2. Find out what your team struggles with

Try to find out what are your daily team challenges in terms of martech. Have a conversation about what they struggle with and what could help them.

3. Establish a budget

In order to accomplish all your goals it’s essential to establish a budget to ensure that all your strategies will be implemented. You can determine a budget per tool or per strategy.

4. Research the perfect tools according to your goals 

After goals are set, one important step is to research the tools that will make them possible. Make a list of the tools you’ll include in your martech stack with their prices and a brief description.

5. Compile the data you’ll transfer into the tools

After you purchase the tools, it’s time to compile the data you’ll transfer into them. Compile all of your data in folders so you can transfer these files more easily.

steps to choose the right tools for a business
Marketech stack tools

The importance of a Marketing Technology Stack for your business

A Marktech Stack it’s crucial for every company. With a well-designed strategy, it is possible to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of campaigns and improve the user experience.

In addition, this allows businesses to get valuable insights about customer behavior, marketing campaigns performance and, this way, discover market trends. 

The role of marketing technology stack in a modern marketing strategy

A modern marketing strategy is characterized by being adaptive and customer-centric. With the growing power of the consumer, companies need to be able to adjust their strategies according to their customer’s needs and preferences.

The role of marketech stack in a modern strategy
The importance of a martech stack in a business

A marketing technology stack offers that. It has the versatility to adjust in a world of constant change and development in order to automate processes, analyze data and improve the efficiency of marketing campaigns.

Essential tools for your marketing tech stack

Building a MarTech stack for your business is not easy, but this job can be simplified with the right tools. Here you have some examples:

  • Google Ads for targeted ads;
  • Website and landing pages constructor Unbounce;
  • Content management software HubSpot;
  • Ahrefs for SEO;
  • TubeRanker for YouTube SEO;
  • Buzzsumo for content marketing insights;
  • Sprout Social for SMM.

Common challenges of a marketing technology stack

While the Marketing Technology Stack can bring many benefits to a company’s marketing strategy, it also has some common challenges. One of the main challenges is the integration of all the tools in the same space. Integrating them on the same platform can be a complex and time-consuming process.

Another challenge is the lack of technical expertise needed. Companies need professionals who have knowledge of technology and marketing, which are often difficult to find. Some agencies are already following this path, where they create a task force of marketing specialists, data analysts, and experts specialized in the platforms needed in the market, in order to offer companies the best and most integrated solutions, but there is still a long way to go.

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