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Miguel Carvalho

Revenue Intelligence: smart work on the go!

Revenue Intelligence is shifting the way businesses see and deal with data. Here's where it will make a huge difference!
Revenue Intelligence

Salesforce’s New Revenue Intelligence is a data-driven sales solution that unites CRM Analytics dashboards and analytics with an easy-to-visualize pipeline progress flow chart in Pipeline Inspection and more. Revenue intelligence is about working smarter, not harder. It’s the management and synchronization of data across platforms and teams to optimize performance.

When dealing just with a handful of accounts and a limited number of account executives, you can do just fine without leaning on the data. But if these numbers grow higher, things need to be shaken.

Revenue Intelligence: wave your goodbyes to intuition. Meet and greet, data and insights!

Businesses collect massive amounts of data that are often used for customer service and satisfaction purposes. Until recently, companies haven’t analyzed the data to gain insight into sales performance. Those that did have analytics solely focused on data aggregation to measure sales performance.

On the other hand, Salesforce Revenue intelligence uses data to dig deeper into the sales process and determine what makes salespeople successful. It also analyses customer activity and interactions to determine why customers bought and the potential for future sales. It helps you better understand what it takes to grow your business. You’ll be able to understand how your sales team is performing, where it’s falling short, and what you need to do to boost sales.

Revenue Intelligence
Salesforce Revenue intelligence uses data to dig deeper into the sales process and determine what makes salespeople successful.

How Can Salesforce Revenue Intelligence Help Your Sales Team?

Make data-driven business decisions

Visibility into the health of your business has never been clearer. Find winning trends and actionable insights with out-of-the-box intelligence that helps you:

  • Track your forecasts, coverage, percentage of quota attainment, rep leaderboard, and more;
  • Analyse and compare team performance on various KPIs and outcomes versus peers;
  • Tailor dashboards with configurable metrics to fit your business model.

Set your sights on growth

Hit your targets with precision forecasting. Get the tools you need to:

  • See which forecasts have shifted with easy access to views of weekly change signals;
  • Know exactly where to focus with even more KPIs and metrics like Pipe Coverage and Gap To Quota;
  • Create custom filters that match each of your forecast types.

Manage every deal, every step of the way

With pipeline management and insights into the health of every deal at your fingertips, it’s easier than ever to:

  • See exactly how your pipeline has changed over time with the pipeline flow chart;
  • Get a consolidated view of deal health with AI-driven insights and activity metrics;
  • Make real-time updates to key fields with just a few clicks and without ever having to leave the page;
Revenue intelligence
Revenue intelligence it’s about to make an impact on how businesses see and deal with data.

Take your revenue to the next level

Want to level up your entire organisation with data and AI? Fantastic. With a complete data and analytics platform powering Revenue Intelligence, you can:

  • Get a 360-degree view of your customer by connecting your Salesforce and external data;
  • Start fast with pre-built analytics and transparent AI predictions that you can customise over time;
  • Take action as one team with contextual insights embedded in every business process;
  • Scale to all CRM users and across all your data.

Be smart, and achieve your best performance through Salesforce Revenue Intelligence

Revenue intelligence it’s on and it’s about to make an impact on how businesses see and deal with data. Simply put, it will enable businesses to get access to an uninterrupted flow of data and insights. What else can you wish for?

With an operational background in ERP, CMS, CRM, Sales, Marketing and HR, Miguel has worked closely with clients and development teams to meet deadlines whilst at the same time comprehending complex and interdependent business processes and translating them into appropriate technical solutions. He's a 23x Salesforce Certified Professional and a 6x Trailhead Ranger with 600+ badges. He's very active in the Salesforce Community, organising Salesforce Saturdays and leading a Salesforce User Group.

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