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Social media trends for 2022 you don’t want to miss!

Social media is the stage for new and updated features to shine, a.k.a trends. Let's read the ones we highlighted, you don't want to miss it!
Social Media Trends 2022

If in 2022 you still haven’t heard of social media, I think we need to have a little chat, right?!

Just kidding, of course, there’s nothing wrong with that, but we find it hard that you haven’t at least heard about it.

Going straight to the point of this curation affair, social media is the stage for new and updated features to shine, a.k.a., trends. But this time things went way further than just mere strategies or updates. We’re talking about new technologies that are now shaping businesses all around the world.

Making an overview first, it is important to understand that (as we mentioned earlier in other articles) the pandemic and the new technologies “forced” marketers to develop new strategies, which causes an acceleration of the whole process.

In the updated world, where there is so much data and it is difficult to carry out a traditional analysis, Mike Baglietto, the Global Head of Market Insights at the Market Research company NetBase Quid, says the following:

“Things are changing fast — things are incredibly complex…”

Mike Baglietto
Social Media Trends 2022
Social Media Trends for 2022

Virtual and augmented reality technologies

Without further ado, we want to focus on a specific trend, where everyone is placing great hope: Virtual and augmented reality technologies.

Before the whole buzz around Facebook’s Metaverse, we could already see some of the brands providing virtual reality experiences to their customers.

Ikea’s virtual design rooms stand out as an example, which allows customers to map the furniture they had in their online inventory using an AR interface.

Other big brands, like Nike, have leveraged technologies to let people measure their feet and try on shoes virtually.

Based on NetBase Quid source:

  • It is predicted that when they try an augmented reality product, someone is more likely to spend more money on it.
  • The augmented reality gaming scenario wins a mass audience rather than a niche audience.

And it doesn’t stop here!

If we focus on social media interactions, we can expect photo filters with a brand logo, virtual tours to places where a user has a legitimate interest, or even QR codes that, when scanned, immerse users in AR experiences.

The most fascinating thing is that in terms of virtual and augmented reality, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

You can read the full curated article about these and other trends.

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