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Time of change: five tech trends for 2021

For those who are still wondering: the new era of tech innovation has definitely arrived with the pandemic. Discover 5 technology trends.
technology trends

Maybe it’s no longer news for the most attentive, but for those who are still wondering: the new era of technology innovation has definitely arrived with the pandemic.

As a response to the most troubled periods, we’ve lived in lately, companies have their sights set on the future. And the future… already guessed, right? It is synonymous with technology!

This “new era” has three main topics: management requires an alliance with technology, leadership focus, and last but not least, companies must aim higher than financial success.

From these topics, offered by an article of the multinational corporation, Accenture, we discovered five important technology trends too:

Accenture’s top 5 technology trends 2021

Stronger grounds

Combining business strategies with technology is the perfect marriage.

The new era of business revalidates the importance of operations architecture, and if the matter of discussion is competition in the industry, the right answer is a battle between technologies.

As we get closer to the future, there are more and more technology options to adopt (cloud, artificial intelligence models, a wide range of physical devices, hardware and computing design, etc.).

The power of digital twins

Going straight to the point, Digital Twins are representations/ simulations of real-world entities or systems to generate living, complete models of factories, supply chains, product lifecycles, and more.

When designed in the right way, Digital Twins will help to prevent anomalies, optimize operations, generate greater autonomy, adjust projects and strategies based on data collected, etc.

86% of executives agree their organization must train its people to think like technologists.

Accenture, Tech Vision 2021

Democratization of technology

People don’t just need new tools, they need to think as technologists. Democratized technology allows people to optimize their work or solve problems on their own.

This is the opportunity for all companies to make their professionals an essential part of their digital transformation efforts. Business leaders must have a global vision where one of the main focuses is innovation.

Anywhere, everywhere

Who would have thought that the pandemic would bring new solutions to the way we work?

For the companies that have evolved and embraced a hybrid work model, we don’t think that work will ever go back to the old practices.

Whether in your home, office, airport, or anywhere else. The companies that will survive are those that have managed to adapt better to the constant evolution in which we live.

From me to we

The focus on shared systems proved beneficial during the pandemic, where despite drastic reductions by companies at the peak of Covid-19, organizations across all sectors expanded their investment in the subject matter.

Shared systems share data between individuals and organizations, driving efficiency and creating new business and revenue models.

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