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Virtual reality is today!

We believe that the virtual future will boost productivity, increase efficiency and build profitability for your organization.
Virtual Reality

Our interest in virtual reality technology is no longer news to our readers. At Digital Affair, we believe that the virtual future will boost productivity, increase efficiency and build profitability for your organization.

Without further ado, we should now focus on and highlight the potential of virtual reality!

Let’s start with a question. What can we call “Real Virtualities”?

When you blend the physical and virtual world, like the usage of augmented reality to personalize and immerse customers in a buying experience, for example.

If we are talking about embracing the promise of virtual technologies, a good sample would be the implementation of artificial intelligence to talk with customers.

These are good signs!

As we keep evolving and technology advances, companies are creating more value for their customers, employees, and stakeholders when they bet on the true potential of virtual reality. Furthermore, there is a huge opportunity for opening new markets.

As virtual realities become more and more realistic, it will be interesting to understand how companies will provide their arsenal to respond to different challenges. Imagine the potential for us to be able to address all of our senses in increasingly improved ways.

Virtual Reality
The virtual future is today!

The future: Health and Education

Focusing specifically on health, scientists at Tel Aviv University are working on the possibility of examining patients via “electronic skin”, where patients are supposed to have wireless patches of material attached to them.

With the advancement of this technology, it would be possible to detect diseases in underserved communities, hundreds or even thousands of miles away from traditional medical care.

Another good example is Immersive Microscopy, a virtual reality app that gives doctors a new insight into what is going on with the human body.

At the same time, doctors can also apply VR therapeutically to boost the memories of older patients, combat anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder, and ease the pain of childbirth. What a year to be alive, right?

Want to hear about education? Guess what, we have some exciting news for you as well.

We can all agree that the ideal way to learn about something, is being immersed in an environment that is conducive to it.

Students at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute are programming AI avatars in computer-generated backdrops of Chinese streets and markets so that a United States student (in the USA) could be virtually embedded in China to easily speak Mandarin. The avatars recognize gestures and expressions as well as speech.

The institute was able to understand and record the efficiency of this immersion lab. Stating that the students learned Mandarin twice as fast as students in traditional classrooms.

What if you are studying history and you could transport yourself to a different period in time?

We want to leave you with this in mind, the potential of VR is incalculable and very valuable. If you want to act, the time is now.

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